Monday, September 6, 2010

The Common Curator Launches

The Common Curator has recently superseded the Carolina Curator blog, which was previously cited by as one of the "100 Best Curator and Museum Blogs." After approximately 220 postings on a wide variety of topics since its inception in December 2008, all the content of the Carolina Curator (click the Carolina Curator label) has been incorporated into the Common Curator blog, which will continue in much the same--if broader--vein to document developments in the history of the health sciences, digital libraries, archives, museums, and special collections, as well as tend other issues of import, such as freedom of information, open access, preservation and conservation, public policy, human rights, etc.

All readers of the Carolina Curator are encouraged to follow the Common Curator by visiting this website, or by subscribing to its RSS feed with Google Reader, Bloglines, or your favorite RSS reader. In addition to the new blog, the Common Curator also has a presence on other social media, including Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

So, whether a longtime follower of the Carolina Curator or just discovering the new blog, thanks for your collective interest and comments--hope to continue hearing from you here at the Common Curator!

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