Friday, March 18, 2011

Kiva Surpasses $200 Million in Microloans

Founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization to alleviate poverty through microloans to small entrepreneurs worldwide, Kiva has just surpassed $200,000,000 in total funds lent to over one-half-million entrepreneurs in 58 countries. Having established a global network of microfinance field partners, Kiva currently has an outstanding repayment rate of 98.63% across all loans. The following is a statistical snapshot as of March 18, 2011:
:: Total value of all loans made through Kiva: $200,366,950
:: Number of Kiva Users: 897,447
:: Number of Kiva Users who have funded a loan: 565,662
:: Number of countries represented by Kiva Lenders: 210
:: Number of entrepreneurs that have received a loan through Kiva: 518,878
:: Number of loans that have been funded through Kiva: 269,141
:: Percentage of Kiva loans which have been made to women entrepreneurs: 81.45%
:: Number of Kiva Field Partners (microfinance institutions Kiva partners with): 126
:: Number of countries Kiva Field Partners are located in: 58
:: Current repayment rate (all partners): 98.63%
:: Average loan size (This is the average amount loaned to an individual Kiva Entrepreneur. Some loans - group loans - are divided between a group of borrowers.): $381.65
:: Average total amount loaned per Kiva Lender (includes reloaned funds): $223.14
:: Average number of loans per Kiva Lender: 6.65
To learn more about how Kiva works and its history, visit its website and consider joining the effort to fund entrepreneurs around the world. The Common Curator has made a number of microloans for projects on several continents.

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