Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Tribute to Morris L. Cohen

The Law Library Journal, the main publication of the American Association of Law Libraries, recently devoted the entirety of its Winter 2012 issue to the remarkable life and work of legal scholar, bibliographer, and librarian, Morris L. Cohen [1927-2010]. Cohen died on December 18, 2010, with an obituary appearing in the New York Times; the newspaper also published an editorial appreciation extolling Cohen's career.

The articles appearing in Law Library Journal, with links to PDFs, are titled as follows:

Morris L. Cohen, 1927-2010: A Remembrance and Celebration
In Praise of Morris L. Cohen's Bibliography of Early American Law
Morris L. Cohen: A Reminiscence
Memories of Morris—and How I Use His BEAL 
Morris Cohen and Rare Book School
Morris Cohen and the Art of Book Collecting
Cornerstones for Enduring Law Libraries: Morris Cohen's Influence at Yale
Birth of a Nutshell: Morris Cohen in the 1960s
The End of Scholarly Bibliography: Reconceptualizing Law Librarianship
Appeals to the Privy Council Before American Independence: An Annotated Digital Catalogue
Blackstone and Bibliography: In Memoriam Morris Cohen
Booksellers in Court: Approaches to the Legal History of Copyright in England Before 1842
Practicing Reference . . . "That Most Congenial Lawyer/Bibliographer"
Reflections: An Interview with Morris L. Cohen
Morris L. Cohen: A Bibliography of His Works
Keeping Up with New Legal Titles

The Common Curator was fortunate to have known Morris while working in the antiquarian book trade and as a curator of rare law books. A true scholar-librarian and gentleman, he exemplified the very best qualities of the book world, the likes of which are indeed rarely encountered.

Note: The photograph above appeared in the Law Library Journal courtesy of the Cohen family.

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